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Diana Gold Counselling

What to expect
10th August 2020 
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What to expect
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Muswell Hill
North London
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First, we agree a time for you to come to see me. I work weekdays.

This meeting will last 50 minutes, and it will give you an opportunity to ask questions and to get a feel for how I work. You will be able to use part of this time as a session. You can then decide whether you want to book another session with me. I charge 30 for that first session and 45 for couples.
There is no obligation beyond our first meeting.

If we decide to work together it would mean a weekly commitment on a time and day that is good for both of us. The weekly sessions would last 50 minutes or an hour for couples.

Face -to -Face
Daytime sessions (before 5 pm) 65
Evening sessions 75
Couples 85 before 5 pm and 95 afterwards.
I do keep a few low-cost places so please let me know at
the assessment session what you can afford and I can let you
know if that is possible.

In light of the Coronavirus where anxiety is high, whether dealing with a loved one or self-isolating, I am offering low-cost telephone, Skype or What's App sessions for those in financial straits. Let me know what you can afford and I will try to accommodate if I can.

Start Close In

Start close in,
don't take the second step
or the third,
start with the first
close in,
the step you don't want to take.

~ David Whyte ~