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24th January 2017 
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Muswell Hill
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Counselling for Individuals and Couples in North London

(Wood Green, Muswell Hill, Alexandra Palace, Bounds Green)

I am a counsellor and therapist working between Wood Green, Alexandra Palace, Muswell Hill and Bounds Green. I see couples and individuals and work privately in the North London area.


In my experience, the very act of saying you need help to understand what is creating unhappiness in your life is the first and most important step to living the life you want to be living. It is as if the work starts at that moment. But it is important to find the right person to work with and that is up to you. I therefore offer a low-cost first session.

It would be an opportunity to ask me any questions and to tell me a little bit about what made you decide to look into counselling. Often it is at this session that it becomes clear what we will need to focus on. You may feel greatly relieved at this session as though a weight has been lifted. It is then up to you to decide whether you would like to continue and we can make another appointment. There is no obligation to carry on after that first assessment session. Sometimes I suggest another one if necessary for you to make a decision. After you've taken the step to go into counselling it is important that you feel comfortable enough to speak about things that you may never have talked about before.


Anxiety, General Counselling, Bereavement and Loss, Career and Work problems, Depression, Sexuality, Relationships, Divorce, Stress, Personal Growth, Terminations, Miscarriage, Low Self-Esteem, Abuse, Family Problems, Life Direction.


Working with couples in distress I look to understand what blocks are getting in the way of intimacy and honest communication. This may involve looking at past relating issues. It isn't individual therapy x 2, but rather looking at the relationship as a whole and ensuring that no one in the partnership is made to feel to be the 'problem'.

In every relationship there comes a crisis. This can be seen as an end to the relationship, or an opportunity for growth and the development of a new intimacy. Learning what we want, how our partner sees us, and our assumptions about what the other wants - these are some of the aims of relationship work. It involves clearing the confusion that exists between you so that you can both make healthy decisions about your relationship.

What feels most important is the commitment for a certain number of sessions to be made so that both can feel safe enough to bring things out with the knowledge that we have a set time to work through some possibly painful issues.

The work may be challenging. It will need commitment and time for the both of you. But it can leave you richer, wiser and more loving. It can give you answers that make whatever relationship you choose to follow more rewarding.
This is what couples counselling can offer.

I welcome all couples regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

“Love brings up everything unlike itself in order to be healed”
from the Course in Miracles